Privacy Policy for the Use of Cookies

beplause It is necessary to use cookies to operate many parts of the website in order to guarantee the service of the website that will facilitate your use of the website. The Company guarantees that cookies will be used sparingly. And there are measures to maintain the security of your information in accordance with the rules. related meaning and will not disclose such information to other persons Except in the case of the use of certain types of cookies that may be performed by external service providers. The company will assume that you have acknowledged and agreed to this privacy policy. The company reserves the right to update this policy for each period as the company deems appropriate. The Company will notify you of such changes through this website.

Types and Purpose of Use of Cookies by the Company The Company is required to use different types of cookies for different purposes. It is divided into 4 types as follows:

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies, which are cookies that are very necessary for the service of the website to the users.

2. Functionality Cookies, which are cookies that remember what users choose or set on the website, such as user account names, fonts, and styles of presenting various information that is highly personalized to users. depending on the selected setting

3. Performance Cookies, which are cookies that assess the performance of individual areas of the website. Such cookies may be operated by third-party service providers; and

4. Advertising Cookies, which are cookies used to offer products or services that are relevant and relevant to the interests of the user. These types of cookies may be operated by external service providers.

For cookies other than Strictly Necessary Cookies with your consent. The Company will use such cookies for the specific purpose in which the rights of the data subject have been identified. and respect your rights as a legal data subject In particular, the right to withdraw consent is available on the website. You can also delete cookies settings on your browser. Or if you have any questions, you can contact the company at: 095-362-9422 or email