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Beplause : Mild & Intensive Hair Care Brand

Beplause, a hair care brand concerning a mild & intensive result product with a core value that represents “A Plausible Combination of Beauty and Well-Being”. Beplause is suitable for sensitive skin and scalp and also help people with an acne problem. 

Beplause is friendly with your hair, scalp, skin, and facial area, as our intention is to research and develop a product that can be suitable for sensitive skin through the R&D team who are expertise in hair care products and global manufacturing standards. From our standard and customer feedback, Beplause is a brand that you can trust and can prove to yourself.

Beplause passed a dermatological test with the list of natural and mild ingredients from both domestic and other countries, for example, Argan oil [Ecocert], Yuzu, Keratin, Avocado oil, etc. and not giving irritative chemical elements such as Silicone, Paraben, Sulfate, Mineral oil, etc. In the case of an organic active ingredient, the certificate from a global institution shall be included.  Beplause helps you to ensure your beauty along with your well-being both inside and outside. 

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